A multitude of files can be used in this module just keep in mind that some files will want to download directly and not allow you to view first like the .docx file, but the PDF file will allow your user to view the file and gives you an option to download it.

To upload a file to the Documents Module you need to:

  1. Mouse over the Pencil Icon and select Add New Document.

  2. Inside the Documents Module give your document a Title and an optional description.

  3. Select where you want your file to be located when uploaded.

  4. If you already uploaded a file choose the file location and then choose the file under the "File Name" drop down.


    You can choose the "Upload New File" button and upload a new file

  5. If you select the Upload New File button you will need to select the Choose File button navigate to the file that you want to upload and then select Upload Selected File

  6. Regardless of which you choose select the Open Link in New Browser Window box so that the link will not take your users away from your website.  Then select the Update button.