To change who can view a module on your website you need to first navigate to the page that has the module you want to change, then hover over the gear icon on the module and click 'Settings'

Inside the module's settings click the Permissions tab. From here you can turn on or off view permissions for specific types of users.

To turn permissions for all users on, select the check box for 'All Users' under 'View Module'

To turn a module view off to all users, deselect all check boxes for 'All Users' to make it appear like the image below. ***Do not use 

  • Note* When attempting to restrict who cannot view your page you see two symbols a check for permission granted, a black circle with a white minus sign for Permission Denied and a blank box for Not Specified, if you want your users to not be able to view a page make sure that a minus or blank box is under View page for the users you want to restrict.

Once you have allowed or restricted access to this page to certain users select Update Page. You will still be able to view the page with the role assigned to your user profile, but if you were log out the page will be removed from the navigation menu because your view permission has been restricted.