To find out who an old form is delivering to, or change an existing notification, first manage your form.
Once in the form builder, you will likely need to click the "Form" tab if people have submitted to this form already. Then click "Options" from the right, then "Email Alerts". You will then see the notifications made for that particular form.
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Click on one of the notifications to open it's settings.
Since it is already created it will start you on the second page of creating a notification. This page shows the table of information being sent to the email on the first page of notification creation. Scroll down and click back. You will then see the following page.
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You may have any email as the "From Email", however it is safest to use to ensure all submissions are received.
Note: Most emails do not like it when you deliver an email from the same email address as it is delivering to.
By default, the only option you will have for "Reply to Email" is Admin Email. In order to change this, you MUST add an email field to the form and make it a required field. Then you can make it so replies go to the person who sent the submission.
The final box is who the form is delivered to upon submission.
Important: If your form is quite old and you feel like submissions have not been received, then there is a chance the notifications were made before many of the recent updates to the module. This can result in some of the email address fields shown above to have incorrect data. It will be required to update these fields as the form can not submit without the 3 email fields populated.